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A wedding is an experiential event – a tangible, emotional experience for the couple, their families, and guests.

Weddings are a single moment in time that you’ll remember, but more importantly that you’ll feel throughout your lifetime.  Almost Wed Weddings are experiential events, bound by continuity and thoughtfulness, evolving holistically into a series of memorable moments.  

One of the first and last questions we ask our clients is “what experience do you want to create?”  Some have told us they want intimate moments with their partner and to not get lost in the schedule of the day.  Therefore, we incorporated time and space for the couple to connect and revel in the momentous occasion.   Another bride wanted to cater to their cross country and international guests, so we made sure attendees were basking in the warmth of southern hospitality.  We even had a talented groom come to us with the desire to surprise his bride with a song, so we secretly coordinated with the band and orchestrated an epic experience for the bride & guests.  

Kathleen Morris Almost Wed Atlanta Wedding Planner Experience Weddings